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We Specialize in DOT Drug Program Management.

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Nationwide Testing Sites

Your company must have an FAA approved Drug Program if:

  • You are an Aviation Company operating under Part 121 or Part 135.
  • You are a Repair Station operating under Part 145 servicing a Part 121 or Part 135 operator.

O.M. Management, specializing in Aviation Drug & Alcohol Testing, are experts on the day-to-day needs of aviation entities and the necessity for accurate testing and reporting for “covered positions”.

We give you a two-hour Drug & Alcohol Program Manager training course, teaching you how to run the program from day-to-day, with customer service consultants continuing to assist you along the way.

Our program includes:

  • Assistance preparing FAA forms to obtain approved Operations Specifications or Certification Statement.
  • SAMSHA / NIDA certified laboratory to perform all DOT drug screen testing.
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) to perform all DOT drug screen reviews.
  • FAA annual report, when required. (MIS)
  • Authorized drug & alcohol collection sites Nationwide.
  • Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Policy & Procedures Manual.
  • Copies of all drug & alcohol tests performed.
  • Database of “Covered” Company employees, updated quarterly, including employee names, SSNs or Employee I.D. numbers, positions, if applicable, and start-dates.
  • Randomly selected list of employees for quarterly and/or monthly screening, using random-selection software.
  • DOT regulatory blind sampling.
  • Coordination of “post-accident” and “reasonable cause” screening.
  • Posters describing FAA/DOT required drug testing.
  • Two hours of FAA-audit-related consultation and administrative services, if necessary.
  • On-site drug screen collections and/or alcohol testing.



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