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Nationwide Testing Sites

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates the Implementation and Maintenance of DOT drug and alcohol programs for employers who:

  • Transport goods in a truck with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more.
  • Transport hazardous materials.

Maintenance includes the following types of drug testing, and training.

  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Post Accident Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Follow-up Testing
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employer Background Checks for Previous Drug and Alcohol Usage

O.M. Management assists with Drug & Alcohol Program Maintenance, providing oversight on:

  • Covered Employee Lists
  • Performing Random Testing
  • Training and Guidance for your Drug Program Manager
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Medical Review Officers to verify test results
  • Collection Sites where samples are taken

O.M. is A One-Stop Shop for Hiring and Drug & Alcohol Program Implementation & Maintenance, INCLUDING:

  • Nationwide On-Site Collections, for Post-Accident & After-Hours testing.
  • DMV background checks.
  • Preparation of the Company’s FMCSA’s Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Policy Manual.
  • Two-Hour Drug & Alcohol Program Manager training course.
  • SAMSHA certified laboratory to perform all DOT drug screen testing.
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  • Set-up of collection site(s) as needed, Nationwide.
  • Authorized collection sites for drug & alcohol collections.
  • Backup copies of all drug & alcohol tests performed.
  • Driver Database, updated quarterly, including employee names, SSNs or Employee I.D. numbers.
  • Randomly selected list of employees to be screened quarterly, using random-selection software.
  • Blind tests following DOT regulations.
  • Quarterly statistical reports from laboratory.
  • Post-accident and “reasonable cause” screening.
  • Signage and literature describing DOT & FMCSA required drug testing.
  • Materials for your 2-hour Supervisor Education program.
  • Materials for your mandatory 1-hour employee educational program.
  • FMCSA annual report, if required.



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